Project and Client
OnFrontiers contacted Avenir Consulting about needing some business development intelligence for a large, $80 million dollar Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) opportunity for a confidential client. Avenir’s team leveraged their industry relationships, databases, and using a unique capture process to meet with the client multiple times and advise on a path forward.
The CEO of Avenir met with OnFrontiers and
OnFrontier’s client multiple times:
She advised them on the intelligence the team gathered and shared past RFP documents and shared intelligence from government customers and from others
in industry on the incumbent’s performance.
She advised OnFrontiers and their client of information of the work, the incumbent
performance, and teaming suggestions, and technical approach.
She advised them of what would be considered reasons to not pursue the capture further in the future and timeline for next steps.
Provided the client with industry-specific and arcane information quickly due to Avenir’s processes and relationship of our team.
This saved the customer time and money.
In discovering the incumbent was performing very well, the client decided to not pursue the opportunity which saved them an estimated $100,000 in capture expenses, time and allowed them to pursue other opportunities with a higher possibility of win.
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