Project and Client
Client contacted Avenir Consulting LLC about management consulting services and expertise around government contracting business development practices. The customer specifically needed content development and social media marketing services to target their core audience of business development professionals in the government contracting space for their new government market Business
Development Masterclass. The client also asked for Avenir’s team to also review the content in the course and to provide training and coaching to Hi-Q Group’s customers.
The CEO of Avenir met with OnFrontiers and
OnFrontier’s client multiple times:
Avenir’s Team reviewed the Masterclass content and provided feedback. Avenir’s team is being included in coursework review and development moving forward to help Hi-Q reach their target audience and to be responsive to the changing needs in the market.
Avenir’s team also regularly provides content and digital marketing to help them connect with business development professionals in the federal government contracting space and to grow their Masterclass.
Avenir’s team writes articles weekly on business development and relevant federal marketplace topics for business development professionals and markets the blog articles on social media to reach Hi-Q’s target audience.
Results to Date:
Increased marketing to reach target audience of business development professionals and increased brand awareness in the government contracting space
Increased enrollment in Masterclass
Relevant and up-to-date course material for target audience
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