A Small Government Contracting Firm (Confidential)
Our client, a VP of Business Development, called our team and was frantic about developing pipelines for next year. We were recommended to her by someone in her network. Problem: She had so much to focus on for the next year and needed help developing a qualified pipeline of real opportunities.
The client said that she was overhelmed with the amount of work she had:
The company was closing out the end of the year.
She needed to develop the business development plans for the next year. 
And she needed to hire more business development staff in a tight labor market.
The client said that she needed a team who just “got it and could hit the ground running.” 
She had to focus on all these different objectives at once. 
And her boss had high expectations and she had to meet strong metrics. 
She didn’t have time to explain how to develop a qualified pipeline and didn’t want to put more pressure on her team.
The Avenir team had a couple of conversations with the customer.
We talked through which agencies the company was targeting.
We talked through their past performance and qualifications.
And most importantly we discovered what they wanted to achieve.
And what they needed to be successful and the team’s goals for the next year.
Our team was able to quickly and efficiently develop 4 qualified pipelines using Avenir’s methodology in a few weeks.
We used our network and multiple sources to ensure the opportunities were real.
Because we have experts and a time-tested methodology, we were able to do the work in only 60 hours.
The client was amazed that our team was able to hit the ground running so quickly and work with the team seamlessly. 
She was so ecstatic because we had done the front-end work, which saved her team 1,000 hours of work. 
The team hit the ground running for the next year and started preparing faster to bid and win opportunities.
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